Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to use this blog to teach Arabic

There are endless potential to using blog format to teach language. In addition to using the blog to post lesson plans and learning material that all students can interact with, I can also post videos of popular songs and make comments on those videos. These comments would include highlighting words that students are familiar with and also words that are new to them. Another potential is the various widgets that can be added to the side bar. Posting links to other blogs and websites that will enhance the students' experience is also a plus.


  1. a blog would be a great place to help learn a new language. hte internet is full of videos, songs, documents, and pages in any language desired. using a blog to organise and present the info to the students would be great. you could also slowly incorporate the new language in to the blog, so eventually it is entirely in the new language.

  2. Blogging would definitely provide some tremendous potential regarding language instruction. Your ideas about incorporating songs on the the blog would increase the number of students that you are reaching with their individual learning styles. Excellent thoughts!