Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Personal Learning Networks

Learning about PLN was very interesting. It is something that I'm currently doing in terms of my own professional development I only did not know that it is names PLN. I would include Wikis in my PLN as well as educational blogs. Looking through these two sources provides a wealth of information in terms of foreign language instruction. I also just discovered a very cool website "" this is a website where professionals can upload their research papers to share it with other professionals in their fields. When you sign up you are asked to list your research interests so that the website gets you in touch with other professionals within your field.I'm also following several blogs that a have central focus of teaching Arabic as a second language and these have provided a wealth of information.

I think here the key for effective utilisation for all these wonderful tools is organization and knowing which ones to use and also to not overwhelm yourself with too much tools.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to use this blog to teach Arabic

There are endless potential to using blog format to teach language. In addition to using the blog to post lesson plans and learning material that all students can interact with, I can also post videos of popular songs and make comments on those videos. These comments would include highlighting words that students are familiar with and also words that are new to them. Another potential is the various widgets that can be added to the side bar. Posting links to other blogs and websites that will enhance the students' experience is also a plus.